Sacrifice your eternal soul…

…just kidding. We don’t believe in “souls”, just like we don’t believe in God or Satan. For us, Satanism is an atheistic religion rooted in humanistic compassion, scientific understanding, and the embrace of all of the flaws, quirks, and radical artistries that can emerge from a free and open human mind.

We have a strong sense of morality that springs from our religious conviction that humans must be free to be the gods of their own desires and path in life. We have deeply held values and beliefs about what it means to respect our fellow beings and strive for justice in the world. We adopt the fictional character Satan as a symbol of rebellion against ignorance and arbitrary authority. We call this a religion because we don’t believe it is right to privilege one set of moral beliefs over another simply because some people’s morals are tied to an irrational faith in spirits or ghosts or any other supernatural entity.

If you have read and agree with all of this, then you may be a Satanist.

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Ave Satanas.