Io, Saturnalia! (22 December, 51 Anno Satanas)

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“First we will speak of Saturn. Saturn is the source of the retentive virtue. He rules profound sciences, and the science of laws and seeking out causes, and roots of things, and their effects, and speaking of wonders and understanding deep and secret qualities. Among external organs he rules the right ear; among internal organs, the spleen, which is the source of melancholy. Among clothing, all black clothing; among places, black mountains, dark rivers, deep wells, and desert boundaries and places; among metals lead, iron, and all metals that are black and smell bad; among animals, black camels, pigs, apes, bears, dogs, cats; among small animals, all those that are dry and stinking. Among colors, he has all dark and tawny colors.”

Join us for our first official social event, in Deep Ellum, Dallas on 22 December, in the year 51 Anno Satanas (2016 C.E.)! The exact location will be revealed in the days just before the event to the members of the Friends of TST Dallas Facebook Group… join us!

Post-Event Update!

Our first event was a rollicking, demonically exuberant success! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and indulge in our food, and drink, and song, and ritual! We look forward to seeing all of you after the New Year!