Bad Wolf Rising (22 Jan, 52 Anno Satanas)

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“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, and scatter them in time and space”

Join us for our second official social event, in Deep Ellum, Dallas on 22 January, in the year 52 Anno Satanas (2017 C.E.)! The exact location will be revealed to the members of the Friends of TST Dallas Facebook Group… join us!

It will be a social gathering on the anniversary of Roe v Wade to mingle, chat, make friends, and philosophize about the morality of bodily autonomy and the importance of resisting theocracy.

Post-Event Update!

Thank you to all of our members and allies who showed up for a casual evening of food, drink, and socio-philosophical discussion! There were a lot of questions, both about our group’s planned activities for the year and about Satanism in general. We hope we were able to answer all of the questions you had, but if not, please join the Friends of TST Dallas Facebook Group and start a conversation with us!