Satanic Christmas Carols

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In 2015, the local Dallas group Hell’s Happy Heathens recorded four Satanic Christmas Carols for The Satanic Temple. Although there was no official Dallas chapter of The Satanic Temple at the time, the songs were performed by local musicians, recorded at a well-known Dallas recording studio, and produced by a local member of the Temple. Look closely: you may even be able to recognize that the music videos were filmed at our very own Corinth Park!

So as we prepare for this merry season-of-many-holidays, listen and enjoy! Download the lyrics, and share them with your friends.

And when you are around friends or family members who wouldn’t quite understand, you don’t need to sing out loud… but you can smile with the secret knowledge that while others are singing “God rest ye merry gentlemen…” in your own mind you are thinking: “God screwed you, ladies and gentlemen…”

Hark! The fallen angels sing

(tune: “Hark! The herald angels sing”)

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Arbitrary Night

(tune: “Silent Night”)

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Blessings of Knowledge and Fruit

(tune: “God rest ye merry gentlemen”)

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Joy to ourselves!

(tune: “Joy to the world!”)

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